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Chaya Taylor  recommends K. Hudson Beauty.

June 23 at 1:40 PM 

Had my install yesterday with Kineta and Ms. Pat; had a wonderful experience and they did an amazing job!!! It was quicker than I expected and I’m so looking forward to my journey ❤️❤️

Fran Thompkins  recommends K. Hudson Beauty.

March 29 2019

Special thanks to Kineta Hudson, the owner of K. Hudson Beauty!

I am definitely not a “full face make up” woman but she gave me tips and guidance on application PLUS provided excellent service on my lashes, eyebrows & my updo!

🙏🏾I appreciate you!

Nichelle Nuells reviewed K. Hudson Beauty — 5 star

April 24, 2018 

Kineta was awesome! I have been in the process of researching about SL and have been beating about scheduling to get my SL installed for two years and she has been patient with me and my questions and all of my life events. Her respose time is very quick and she is always very thorough and professional! Finally finished my installation on very dense hair yesterday and her service was everything I had imagined plus some!

Thank you again Ms. Kineta!

Shawnda Bass  recommends K. Hudson Beauty

November 3, 2018

Kineta gathered my eyebrows all the way up today!!
It had bee 2 years since I had them microbladed and they were fading into a grayish hue. 
She did the color correction and touch up at the same time.
What a blessing to have a multitalented stylist. Thanks Kineta.

Jaz Williams  recommends K. Hudson Beauty

September 11, 2018

My crown has been blessed! Kineta and Ms. Pat are knowledgeable, meticulous, and passionate about their craft. They provided a clean, comfortable, and welcoming environment with all the amenities anyone would need. They don’t skimp on any part of the experience. I’m SO thankful to have had my Sisterlocks established with K. Hudson Beauty.

I have long sought after Kineta to establish my Sisterlocks. Her military background and cosmetology experience made her the best choice for me. She’s funny and very personable, too! I only wish I was closer to her location. I’ve committed to driving 8 hours round trip each time I need to see her to maintain my Sisterlocks. Totally worth it.

Shawnda Bass

Local Guide ・16 reviews


Get these ladies in your life. Kineta has blessed hands and the kindest spirit. The shop is clean and peaceful. Plenty of creature comforts to included HULU, Netflix, WiFi, coffee, tea, margaritas and good conversation. This veteran owned business is a Godsend for my braidlocks.

Brandy Craig reviewed K. Hudson Beauty — 5 star

September 16 

My experience with Kineta has been warm and great from the very beginning. She very professional, knowledgeable, caring, down to earth, and wonderfully warm in spirit. I love that she takes pride in her work, and is detail oriented. I am so very excited about my hair, and my sister loc journey... and I am I thankful to have found such a special loctician to start this journey for me. Thank you Kineta Hudson

Nicole Barnes reviewed K. Hudson Beauty — 5 star

June 25 

Kineta is amazing! She installed my sisterlocks patiently and efficiently and it was hours of great conversation. She's talented, engaging and the shop is clean and nicely decorated. I left with a cute bag of everything I needed to take care of my hair between appointments and she answered all of my millions of questions about the process. 
I love my hair and I'm happy to have Kineta as my new loctitian! :)

Amani Eldridge reviewed K. Hudson Beauty — 5 star

June 18 

Kineta is very professional! She installed my sisterlocks June 16/17 and provided me a comfortable and enjoyable experience. She takes pride in her work and it really shows!

Santonia Johnson reviewed K. Hudson Beauty — 5 star

March 26 

I took a leap of faith June of 2016 and I'm so glad that I did! Kineta takes pride in what she does, as a loctician she always tells me how to care for my sisterlocs, she has yet to steer me wrong! It's always great convo and laughs during my retights

Ashley Phillips reviewed K. Hudson Beauty — 5 star

March 10 at 9:32pm 

K is amazing. My sisterlocks are everything I wanted and more. I appreciate K's flexibility, her commitment (my install was 15 hours!), and the dedication and care she has shown for me on this hair journey. Highly recommend to anyone looking to go on the sisterlock adventure. K is the perfect partner for the process.

Kitina Thomas reviewed K. Hudson Beauty — 5 star

March 6 at 5:32pm 

Kineta did a wonderful job on my sisterlocks, she's informative and I'm so excited about my journey!

Fran Thompkins reviewed K. Hudson Beauty — 5 star

February 24 at 2:22pm ·

Ms Kineta is very patient, kind and personable. My daughter and I had sisterlocks installed back in September 2016 and we are very happy with her professionalism.

Sisterlocks was the best decision ever!!!

Jackie Miller Brown reviewed K. Hudson Beauty — 5 star

February 10 2016

I have known Kineta for a few years and I was ecstatic to learn that she was doing sisterlocks. From my initial consultation to my most recent appointment, she has been phenomenal! She is always very thorough in explaining information no matter how many questions I have. She is a true professional. I am thrilled to be on this journey with her.

Anankah K. Hohney Richter reviewed K. Hudson Beauty — 5 star

February 10 2016

I had been thinking about getting Sister locs for awhile. Kineta made my decision easier once she explained the whole process to me. She always answers my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I feel like she truly cares about my hair and how it is growing. Allowing Kineta to do my hair and maintain it is by far the best decision ever. I would definitely recommend her. I am loving my locs and I am loving her as my consultant.

Katrice Johnson reviewed K. Hudson Beauty — 5 star

November 9, 2016  

HIGHLY RECOMMEND... I would like to say that I love Kineta Hudson and all of the fabulous services she has to offer... From make-up, to hair, to friendship she's there!!! My experiences with her have been lively, fun, and very professional... Thank you ma'am for all you do, you've found a faithful customer in me!!!



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